Thursday, August 19, 2010

Be an intern on Christopher Moore's History Blog

We have here a respectably-sized readership that is interested in history, Canadian and otherwise. I’m thinking my interest in expanding the coverage we have here may coincide with some student readers’ interest in being part of this blog

I’m thinking: blog interns.

I’m looking to take on a few historically-interested students (or reasonable facsimiles – always sympathetic to the self-educating!) who would commit to offering this blog an original posting, say once a week, and might also participate in some collective projects we may dream up.  No one under eighteen, please.

Ground rules/guidelines:

  • Interns’ posts will be historical in some way: about history, about history teaching and learning, about history books, films, exhibits, about historical controversies.  Non-Toronto history coverage would be greatly welcomed. No intern posts on contemporary politics, please.
  • I’ll monitor posts at the start, but reliable contributors should expect to be posting directly before long. All intern contributions will posted in the intern’s name and will remain the intern’s intellectual property for any other use.    
  • As a contributor to this blog, you might gain experience for your own future writing and publishing on historical turf. Other than that, no pay, no perks, no credentializing, not much anything. 
  • I hope an internship would last about the length of the academic school year.  Internships will be non-renewable. 
That’s about it. If you are interested, send me an email, briefly setting out who you are, and I’ll be in touch. Teachers: if you have or know of students who might thrive in this project, do let them know about it.  Internships could start soon after Labour Day.

(Note to non-students: If you are practising, publishing, or otherwise a historical grown-up, it seems to me you could as well be running your own blog, not apprenticing here, so I have a youth preference – but I may be persuadable.)
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