Monday, July 05, 2010

Queen's Plate History

In 1939, when the king and queen of the day visited Canada, the treasurer (i.e., the elected head) of the Law Society of Upper Canada (i.e., Ontario), D. Lally McCarthy, was determined that their majesties must visit Osgoode Hall and be received by the bench and bar of the province.

Unfortunately Osgoode Hall had been left off the schedule. One of the royal aides-de-camp, seemingly well informed about Toronto society, unkindly remarked,
"I wonder if McCarthy has not forgotten that Their Majesties are in Toronto on the day that the King's Plate is run at the Woodbine races. My recollection is that on that particular day, the bench and bar of Toronto were to be found almost to a man, at Woodbine rather than at Osgoode Hall!"
McCarthy was not consoled.
I fear that nowadays that neither the members of the bench nor the bar are sufficiently well off to pay the entrance fee to the Ontario Jockey Club.... We will have to take our place on the curb to welcome their Majesties.
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