Thursday, July 29, 2010

History of transportation

Automobile experts are cautious, to say the least, about the prospects of the Chevrolet Volt and other electric and hybrid cars.
We bought 16 million vehicles this past decade, and less than 100,000 hybrids,” Mr. DesRosiers said about the Canadian market..... North American consumers just aren’t that excited about efficient electric vehicles
Well, hard to argue with that.

We recently bought a hybrid. To me all cars are pretty much the same, and this one serves fine. But I notice one difference. We used to spend about $50 every couple of weeks to fill the tank on our previous car. Now, with the same driving habits, we spend about $35 every three weeks.

Seems to me the world will be a better place when gas is at $5 a litre. But I don't want to buy more of those litres than I have to. And I don't think I'm that strange for feeling that way.

(Photo: Chevrolet Volt, GM via the Globe & Mail)
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