Monday, June 14, 2010

What were we blogging about five years ago?

Well, it's only roughly five years; we were not blogging daily back then.But we offered this, which still makes me laugh.
File this under: Things That Make You Laugh Out Loud In The Archives, So That The Other Researchers Wonder If A Nut Is In Their Midst.

From a letter by Prime Minister John A. Macdonald to one P. King, November 20 1885
"I am extremely sorry that I have not been able to provide for you in the North West. I thought I had done so but an untimely accident threw me over for the time.… The office I had thought to get for you was the postmastership at Calgary…. I thought it was all done and you had been notified when I found to my horror that another Mr. King who was strongly recommended had by mistake been appointed. He now holds the office. I now must try to repair the error and be on the lookout for another vacancy."
Four years ago, with a World's Cup on, we were blogging sports history.

Three years ago, the history of sushi.

Two years ago, parliamentary democracy.

One year ago, well, parliamentary democracy again.
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