Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rural History and Culture Association shuts down

Saskatchewan's Rural History and Culture Association is folding its big tent. The organization has announced it is closing down this week, mostly because founder and moving spirit, Mike Fedyk, is moving out of the province.
Between 2006 and 2010, the RHCA initiated 12 historical re-enactments, community festivals, concerts and other events in 11 different communities and also published one book. RHCA events attracted over 10,000 people, major media attention and raised over $30,000 for heritage and community organizations in Saskatchewan.
Even from remote Ontario, I was frequently impressed by the original and successful historical events the RHCA created around rural Saskatchewan and how effectively they promoted them. Happily, I got to write up the organization's doings -- all too briefly -- in a Beaver column in 2009.

The RHCA goes out on a high note. publishing their first book, Fort Walsh to Wood Mountain: The North-West Mounted Police Trail, in the next few days. (More info here.) Well done, Mike Fedyk.
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