Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Museum of Natural History in Ottawa

The Globe and Mail print edition salutes the elaborate renovation of the Victoria Building, now home to the new and refurbished Canadian Museum of Nature, in Ottawa's Centretown.  Online, the Globe offers this video instead. Museum's homepage here.

Before the majestic Museum of Civilization opened in Hull, the Victoria was home to what used to be the Museum of Man as well as what used to be the Museum of Natural History. But the building needed extensive restoration before it could go on being used for anything. That is what has now been completed, and both building and museum in their new guises sound pretty impressive.

The building has no lack of history itself. It housed the Canadian parliament for several years after the great fire of 1916.  And some personal history too; it used to be almost in our backyard during one of our sojourns in Ottawa.

Update, May 20:History Today covers the opening of new galleries at the Museum of London.  When can Toronto have one of these, please?
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