Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prizes: Butcher on Gage

I'm told the 2010 Donald Grant Creighton award for a biography related to the history of Ontario has been awarded by the Ontario Historical Society to Alan Butcher for his life of sculptor Frances Gage, Unlikely Paradise: The Life of Frances Gage, published by Dundurn Books.

Is this a leak? It does not appear on the Ontario Historical Society website, and the 2010 ceremony is more than a month away. It comes from a reliable source.

Speaking of Donald Creighton, we wish the History Department at the University of Toronto did not keep its once prestigious and buzzworthy annual Creighton Lecture so secret. Wish I'd known this year's lecturer was aboriginal law scholar John Borrows -- whose speech can now be listened to as a podcast, it says here.

And speaking of both that department and leaks, I heard a rumour about a prominent Canadianist who may become the next head of the department.... which would increase the population of Canadianists there to approximately one.
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