Thursday, March 25, 2010

If the voting system ain't the real problem, tinkering with the voting system when real problems emerge is probably making things worse

The Irish Times reports agitation to reform the voting system in Ireland. (h/t Fruits and Votes.)

Ireland's a fiscal-and-economic mess right now. It turns out the extraordinary economic progress that got Ireland calling itself the "Celtic Tiger" was just another bubble based on a tsunami of EEC money, over-optimistic bankers, and regulatory failure.

So they want to change ... the voting system.
In his presentation, Mr Hogan argued that political failure lay at the heart of Ireland’s economic crisis. He said the party was determined to reform political bodies and the electoral system and to puts its proposals to the people by referendum, and also by means of a new “citizens’ assembly”.
Ireland has long been one of the few countries that uses the single transferable vote process that was proposed (and rejected) in B.C.'s recent referendum on electoral reform. I guess if electoral reform is your thing, electoral reform is the solution to every problem.
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