Friday, October 02, 2009

Writers cease working with Transcontinental publishers

More evidence why freelance journalism might not be so much simpler than doing an undergraduate essay.
In an unprecedented coalition, more than a dozen Canadian writers’ organizations are calling on the thousands of writers they represent to not write for any publications owned by Transcontinental Media, effective immediately. This act of protest is directed at the company’s new contract for freelance contributors, which these groups, including the Professional Writers Association of Canada and the Canadian Writers Group, believe to be abusive of writers’ rights.

Earlier this summer, Transcontinental Media began sending a new freelance contract – which it calls a “Master Author Agreement” – to the many writers who contribute to its stable of publications, including Canadian Living, More, Elle Canada, Homemakers, and Vancouver Magazine. When this Master Author Agreement was unveiled, respected magazine industry consultant D.B. Scott referred to it as a “take it or leave it” rights grab that, “in effect, indentures the writer and their work to Transcon.”
Writers' representatives met with Transcontinental and were rebuffed. More info here and here.

Here are a few Transcontinental publications you don't want to write for anymore: Affaires Plus Bel Âge Canadian Gardening Canadian Home & Country Canadian Living Commerce Constructo Coup de Pouce Courrier Laval Décormag Elle Canada Elle Québec Finance et Investissement Fleurs Plantes Jardins Good Times Homemakers Investment Executive Journal Métro L’Action La Nouvelle Union La Revue Les Affaires L’Hebdo Journal Madame Maison D’aujourd’hui More Ottawa At Home Prince Albert Daily Herald Productions Maison Direct Progrès Saint-Léonard Publisac Québec Hebdo Québec Vert Sé Style at Home The Chronicle The Guardian The Hockey News The Telegram Vancouver Magazine Vision Durable Vita Voir Vert Weekly Journal Western Living.
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