Friday, September 18, 2009


Newly merged Historica-Dominion Institute is looking to hire some people shortterm to work on their Memory Project initiative. Contact is Jeremy Diamond at the HDI.

Pacific Review of Books, new to me (and more poetry and aesthetics than non-fiction and history, but we take a broad view) is in some financial difficulty and seeks donations and subscriptions. See here.

Cool book watch: Canada's Stonehenge.

Canada Council does its annual public meeting in Moncton on September 30, and will live stream the thing online too.

Weird history watch: Nifty medieval-history blog A Corner of Tenth Century Europe ponders evidence of pre-Maori settlement in New Zealand, apparently a hot topic for the crankier end of the NZ blogosphere. Well, it would be the tenth century or thereabouts.

Ooh, and we cracked 10,000 on that counter thing sometime last night. Thanks, midnight readers.
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