Saturday, September 05, 2009

Live-blogging the siege of Quebec+250 #66

Thursday, September 6, 1759. Brigadier George Townshend writes to a friend in Britain:
I never served so disagreeable a campaign as this. Our unequal force has reduced our operations to a scene of skirmishing, cruelty and devastation. It is war of the worst shape. A scene I ought not to be in...

Gen. Wolfe's health is but very bad. His generalship in my poor opinion is not a bit better -- this only between us. He never consulted us ‘til the latter end of August, so that we have nothing to answer for, I hope, as to the success of this campaign, which for the disposition the French have made of their force must chiefly fall to General Amherst and General Johnson.

Our campaign is just over. I shall come back in Admiral Saunders’s ship and in two months shall again belong to those I ought never to have left.
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