Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Live-blogging the siege of Quebec+250 #54

Saturday August 25, 1759: Captain Knox reports that Brigadier Murray has returned from his raids upriver from Quebec, bring plunder -- and news. The French, with interior lines of communication, have been aware of developments at Niagara and Lake Champlain since early August. Now the same news encourages the British siege army.
By sundry letters that were found, and are confirmed by some fashionable prisoners, we have agreeable accounts of General Amherst's success at Ticonderoga and Crown Point, the enemy being obliged to abandon those important posts, upon the approach of his artillery; and Monsieur Bourlamaque is retired to a strong pass at isle au Noix, on the lake Champlain, with his forces, amounting to near three thousand men where they are fortified with a resolution to defend it, as they give out, to the last extremity. Through the same channel we have the happy news of the reduction of Niagara, by a detachment of Mr. Amherst's army commanded by Brigadier-General Prideaux, consisting of three regiments of regulars, some provincials, and a large body of Indians, under Sir William Johnson ; but that unfortunately the Brigadier and another Officer of distinction were killed.

We are likewise assured that the whole number of men in arms throughout this province do not exceed twenty-five thousand, including regulars, Indians, and Canadians, from the age of sixteen to seventy, that the latter are very discontented and would cheerfully surrender their capital, if they had people of resolution among them to excite and encourage a revolt, rather than see their country thus groaning and bleeding under the calamities of war.
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