Monday, August 10, 2009

Live-blogging the siege of Quebec+250 #39

Friday, August 10, 1759. With Montcalm holding his lines, the British temporarily bereft of strategic initiative, and British raiding parties out torching the downriver communities, the journal of the anonymous supply clerk keeps us up with how the city endures:
The enemy continues to bombard us constantly. Most of the bombs fall in the St-Roch neighbourhood, where several houses have already been smashed. However, now they have begun to distribute their favours upon all the other parts of the town, not wanting to make anyone jealous.

We have just learned that the English landed at Ste-Croix and St. Nicolas where they encountered some residents who fired on them for half an hour before having to flee into the woods. Soon the enemy mounted a hillock, formed up in battle order, and beat the drums. We think they lost a man in this encounter.
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