Friday, August 07, 2009

Live-blogging the siege of Quebec+250 #36

Tuesday August 7, 1759. Quebec learns of the the French forces' evacuation of Carillon (Ticondiroga) on Lake Champlain some days before, and of their entrenching at the Ile-aux-Noix (at the northern end of the lake, on the upper Richelieu River) reaches Quebec. Montcalm probably understands this to mean that General Amherst’s progress toward Montreal from the south is going to be as slow as he has hoped.

Foligné, commanding a gun battery on the ramparts of Quebec, reports on the ongoing gunnery duel: "Today there was a great cannonading from here and there in the various encampments. Our loss amounted to fifteen men killed or wounded. We do not know the enemy’s losses, but the fire of our ramparts having silenced their guns two or three times, we have reason to think they were not without loss."
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