Friday, July 31, 2009

Live-blogging the siege of Quebec+250 #33

[Okay, so we are future-posting the siege a little again]

Saturday, August 4, 1759. General Jeffrey Amherst occupies Fort Frederic or Crown Point, a little north of Ticonderoga. He has just learned of the capture of Fort Niagara, but he is unaware of Wolfe’s progress and rather expects him to fail. He halt his advance, starts consolidating his forces, and digs in for the winter.

Knox, meanwhile, puts Montmorency firmly behind him and indulges in hopeful speculation:
Brigadier Murray, with a strong detachment, are under orders to proceed on board of Admiral Holmes's division to make a diversion above the town, with a view to divide the enemy's attention. We are inclined to hope the General's schemes may still be productive of some great event ; the harvest must be reaped, or a famine is inevitable: and, if the Canadians should disperse for that purpose, and General Amherst should be enabled to advance farther into the province, and thereby compel Monsieur Montcalm to draw off some of his forces hence to the side of Montreal, we may yet have it in our power to give a satisfactory account of the capital of Canada.
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