Saturday, July 18, 2009

Live-blogging the siege of Quebec +250 #17

Thursday, July 19, 1759: What happened to the attack at Beauport-Montmorency that Wolfe was planning a couple of days ago? The movement of British ships upriver is what happened. By today, Wolfe is back to planning an attack above the town, probably near the village of St-Michel, near Sillery. Montcalm moves forces above Quebec to shadow the British vessels, but Wolfe continues to think a landing may soon be possible, and he cancels his plans downriver. Meanwhile Knox reports something none of the French seem to mention:
The enemy erected a gibbet on the grand battery above the lower town, and hanged two sentinels, we suppofe, for not being more alert on their posts and neglecting to apprise them of the first appearance of our ships advancing to pass the garrison, into the upper river.
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