Monday, July 13, 2009

Live-blogging the siege of Quebec +250 #11

On the night of July 12-13, volunteers from Quebec launch their raid against the enemy batteries now pounding the city from the south shore. During the night, the force crosses the river well to the west of the British position on Point Levy. The raid quickly collapse in confusion. As men of the raiding party lose their way in the dark, they begin firing on each other and giving way to panic. “Three times M. Dumas contrived to rally his people, and three times his soldiers, mutually mistaking one another for enemies, fired at their own men and went tumbling over each other down the hill to get back to the canoes” Before dawn, the raiders have retreated back across the river, leaving the British unaware they had even been under threat.

This will be the last offensive the forces inside Quebec will launch against their besiegers.

On July 13,, the French military office Captain Malartic notes in his diary that “M. de Montcalm went into the city to reassure the townspeople, who are dismayed by the effect of the enemy fire. It was necessary to send twenty men per battalion to reinforce and encourage the town garrison, which will be relieved every two days.”
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