Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Will Canadian reviewers get to this book?

British historian Anthony Beevor has out the one-millionth history of D-Day. The Guardian rather likes it. Canadian vets, maybe not so much:
Though it is hard to match Hastings's Overlord in particular, the fact is that Beevor has indeed added to the account. Accruing greater detail, he has made use of overlooked and new material from more than 30 archives in half a dozen countries. His skill with German archives (a former Hussars officer, he served in the British Army of the Rhine) is especially evident. He addresses controversies in military history - [....] How badly were the Canadians led?
'Course, one of the standard Canadian works on the topic is subtitled: "A Study of Failure in High Command" So perhaps it's not entirely British snottiness Beevor expresses.
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