Monday, May 25, 2009

The British Parliamentary crisis

He may be a posh vulgarian, but the Mayor of London, England, Boris Johnson, can write a lively opinion piece -- I love the opening of this one on the corruption crisis enveloping the British House of Commons. But the money quote is here:
We don't need a constitutional convention. We don't need to contemplate proportional representation, since that will only intensify the power of the party machines and create even more lobby fodder. We want a new breed of MPs who will consistently tell the whips to get stuffed; who will smash the brutal and intellectually enervating system of party discipline that turns Westminster into a kind of Seventies Leyland car factory, apathetically turning out badly assembled laws to plague the people of this country.
Of course, Britain is a paradise of backbencher autonomy compared to Canadian legislatures on this matter. When will our worms be turned?

Hat tip Stephen Michael Maclean
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