Monday, March 16, 2009

Death or Canada on History Television tonight

Tonight sees the broadcast of the Canada-Ireland production Death or Canada, an ambitious dramatized documentary on the Irish famine of the mid-1840s and the immigration to Canada of tens of thousands of refugees. Judging by the stills here, the production values are high, and the program has already been nominated as Best Documentary Series in Ireland.

Outside Canada, the film's title seems to be "Fleeing the Famine," but there looks to be a good deal of Canadian involvement in the project. Toronto insurance man Robert Kearns is a backer and onscreen presence, the work of Archaeological Services on famine sites in Canada is featured, and University of Toronto historian Mark McGowan wrote the book that goes with the film.

Surprisingly enough, the broadcast is on History Television, normally the last place one looks for serious or challenging material about history. It's eight to ten pm Eastern time tonight March 16. (h/t - Andrew Stewart)
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