Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christopher Hibbert, 1924-2008

Seems I recently saw notice of a new book by Christopher Hibbert, and I thought, "That guy was a best-seller when I was a kid. Do these British historian-gents live forever?"

No, they don't. Here's an obit.
About half the books I write are on subjects I’ve chosen myself, which both my American and English publishers have to want at the same time,” he told The Sunday Times. “The rest of the time I rather feel like a barrister being given a brief. You’re given your instructions and told, ‘This is the subject for you, old chap, and we want 120,000 words.'
Nice work when you can get it (sez I, having done a few). Actually that new book may have been a reprint. I can't find mention of any new books since 2004, when he was only eighty.
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