Tuesday, July 08, 2008

How's the Seven Years War Going, 250 years ago?

Not badly for the French. It's been going on since 1754, and New France still holds most of its territory. Louisbourg at the eastern approaches has been under siege since early June 1758, but as yet British progress has been limited. Fort Duquesne on the Ohio, the western gate, remains securely in French hands. Given the resources and men Britain has committed to North American, these defensive achievements constitute a substantial success. That indeed was France's North American strategy: try to avoid losing until the British taxpayers ran out of patience. In 1758, it still seemed like a pretty good bet.

Today in 1758, Louis de Montcalm won his greatest victory, smashing the British regulars sent against his defences at Carillon, the southern gate on the Richelieu-Lake Champlain route between New York and Montreal.

Update: Here's an eyewitness account of last week's battle reenactment.
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