Wednesday, July 02, 2008

101 Things About Canada

The Dominion Institute's Canada Day initiative this year is a new poll asking Canadians about the 101 things every Canadian should know about Canada. Seriously quirky, worth pondering. And they are still taking votes. If you had not thought Maple Leaf, Vimy Ridge, Hockey, Queen Elizabeth, and Canadian Flag were numbers 1 through 5 of what we all must know, you can click to vote.

Full disclosure: there is to be a follow-up publication to this, and I'm a (paid) commentator in it.

Late Update: There may some kind of monarchist coup in process here. In the Ipsos-Reid poll of 3000+ Canadians that started this process (link at the main 101 Things site), Queen Elizabeth ranked 87th. Her Majesty's ascent to the top 5 comes with just a few hundred votes tallied from online voting at the website.
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