Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beaver goes to Louisbourg

Great to see, in the new issue of The Beaver, hitting mailboxes and newstands this week, a vivid and vividly illustrated article called "D-Day at Louisbourg," marking the 250th anniversary of that battle. All the better that it is by my old colleague and friend John Johnston (that's A.J.B. Johnston if you are googling the author) whose book on the subject, Endgame 1758 , appeared last year.

Nice also to see my own book, Louisbourg Portraits: Five Dramatic True Tales of People who lived in an Eighteenth Century Garrison Town [ link]also gets a note.

My own column this month in The Beaver looks at the career of Michael Bliss, recently honoured by a tribute volume, Essays in Honour of Michael Bliss. 'Course if you subscribed, you would have it in your hands already.

Late Update: While I'm shouting out to friends, I should note Ray Argyle also has a terrific article in this month's issue: on the history of ragtime music in Canada. There's more than the Maple Leaf Rag.
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