Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Erna Paris on justice and power

Down to Ben McNally Books for the launch of Erna Paris's new book, The Sun Climbs Slow.

Erna Paris somehow writes books that are profoundly serious and damned readable at the same time. This one is about the shaping of the International Criminal Court, the latest confrontation in the ancient struggle between might and right, the rule of law versus the rule of force. More pointedly, she writes, it's "the harrowing struggle of President George W. Bush against the International Criminal Court."

"Gee," I said, "is Erna going to have trouble getting into the States when this comes out?"

"Hell," said my drinking companion, "we all have trouble getting into the States."

More about The Sun Climbs Slow here. I thought the title might be from Martin Luther King or some old spiritual. It's from a sturdily Victorian English poem by Arthur Clough, the same one from which Churchill took "westward look, the land is bright."

Great bookstore, McNally's. Even in a city Toronto's size, we have to be grateful when we find one like it.
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