Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seven Years (Global) War

Here's a cool one. A conference on the global Seven Years War. Skirmishes in the Pennsylvania woods and the siege of Quebec and that unpleasantness with the Acadians, sure, but also Frederick the Great's battles in central Europe, and Plassey in India and fleet actions in the Caribbean and all -- the first global war, with global consequences. Actually, I once thought of a book on the subject, hence my enthusiasm (...sigh).

This is planning ahead: the (mostly academic) conference is in October 2009. Can you work out the 250th anniversary on your fingers? It's sponsored by Brock and Niagara Universities and the Omohundro Institute at William & Mary in Virginia, to be held on the Niagara frontier. Details and call for papers from Omohundro here .
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