Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Prize Watch: Dafoe Prize shortlist

With not a ton of promotion of publicity, the J..W. Dafoe Foundation has announced its 2021 shortlist for "one of the richest book awards in Canada for non-fiction excellence  [$10,000]. Selection criteria includes subjects involving Canada, Canadians, and the Canadian nation in international affairs."  I don't see a date for the announcement of the winner.

Larry Audlaluk. What I Remember, What I Know: The Life of a High Arctic Exile.   

Heidi Bohaker. Doodem and Council Fire: Anishinaabe Governance through Alliance.

Stephen R. Bown. The Company: The Rise and Fall of the Hudson’s Bay Empire

Benjamin Perrin. Overdose: Heartbreak and Hope in Canada’s Opioid Crisis

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