Monday, May 31, 2021

Local Service

I've been a member of my local historical society for longer than I can remember, though not the full forty years of its existence. 

I've never worked extensively in Toronto history, but through the West Toronto Junction Historical Society I have learned a lot of local history, got to know my neighbourhood, made friends, and made some contributions to help maintain an organization that is entirely volunteer. WTJHS has advocated for historical and architectural recognition, educated and entertained the public, introduced remarkable speakers and conferences, trained people in house and family research, maintained a publicly-accessible archives, published several well-received historical works, run webinars.

It's also a part of the community, even a pillar of the community. Every time I do something with or for the society, I have a nice sense of being part of the fabric of civil society.  It's one of the reasons I don't have to bowl alone.

This is to say, you ought to consider being part of your own historical or heritage society wherever you are. It's also to mention that the WTJHS is looking for some volunteers right now, to join its executive.  In particular, it's looking for a president.

If you happen to live in or be connected to the west side of Toronto, would you like to be president or something?  Info on the WTJHS here.  

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