Friday, August 28, 2020

History of the pandemic in Quebec, in Canada

The Globe and Mail notes that, were Quebec seen as an independent state, its Covid-19 death rate would be one of the highest in the world, outstripping the United States, Italy, and other prominent sufferers.  And, they do not quite say, the rate for the rest of Canada would be a lot lower.

It's factual, but unfair. If Lombardy, or Wuhan, or New York City were independent states, they too would have death rates much higher than the national ones for their countries. There have been Covid hotspots, and the causes have been complex and hard to specify. Montreal was one of them.

But, good thing that Quebec is part of Canada, and that federal as well as provincial resources -- from CERB to school funding grants -- have been available to help in the struggle to bring its numbers down. Indeed, a substantial majority of Canadians believe the pandemic has strengthened national unity in a common cause.

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