Wednesday, January 22, 2020

History of twitterstorians

The rare times I log into Twitter, I generally want to cover my eyes and log out as fast as possible. Just cannot get with the zeitgeist of the tweet.

But the New Yorker is taking an interest in the Twitterstorians, riffing on a gathering they held at American Historical Association meetings in New York. ("Bloggers were invited too.")  Of course practising twitterstory is mostly about refuting Trumpian assertions, as even some of the most followed twitterstorians acknowledge:
He has reservations about Twitter as a teaching forum. “It’s not a deliberative space,” he said. “The real struggle for me is it’s very easy to be angry online all the time. But, if all you’re doing is yelling, there’s nothing of substance there.”
Still, there are some insights to be found: 
“In medieval times, the term for people like us was ‘remembrancer.’ It wasn’t necessarily someone who was well liked. Because they were the ones who remembered the bad times and warned people, ‘Hey, we’re about to do that again.’ So we’re remembrancers. This is what we do.”
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