Thursday, August 29, 2019

HMS Terror: new video from inside

John Franklin and all his men are still dead. The how (entrapment by ice, followed eventually by starvation) and the why (bad luck, failure to understand the risks, overconfidence, etc.) remain well known.  The "Franklin mystery" mostly comes down to small details.

Still, it is impressive to see how much of the small detail seems likely to be teased out in the coming years, with the expedition's sunken ships now located in pretty good condition, and with new reports coming in from Parks Canada on just how much material awaits investigation aboard the Terror:  possibly even notebooks, lettters, charts, and papers preserved in their cabinets in the cold water.

Here is Parks Canada's report on the 2019 exploration season, blessed with good weather this time, and here is an appreciation by Franklinist Russell Potter.

Image: Parks Canada.

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