Monday, March 04, 2019

This month at the Literary Review of Canada

The Jan-Feb Literary Review of Canada is available now in both print and digital form, and includes some notable historical content: Judy Fong Bates' very positive review of Susan Crean's Finding Mr Wong, (previously noted by us here), Suanne Kelman's equally positive review of Allan Levine's Seeking the Fabled City (ditto), Brian Stewart on D'Arcy Jenish's The Making of the October Crisis, and former immigration minister Chris Alexander on new books about the Scottish clearances. Plus Carol Goar on homelessness, David Malone on China policy, Susan Swan on truth in fiction... it's a strong issue.

This is the first issue brought to the press by new editor Kyle Wyatt, who will take responsibility for subsequent editions. Previous editor Sarmishta Subramanian had an admirable ability to find global perspectives from contributors whose names were as non-white and non-male as her own (and she was also willing to publish me). Subramanian left suddenly last fall, and in the new issue, the only name that suggests an of-colour identity is Fong Bates. I hope this is not a matter of  policy at the magazine, but am glad that they continue to publish me: I have an essay on the Senate coming in the next issue. 
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