Monday, March 18, 2019

Book notes: Chop Suey Nation

Interesting to see how food history has become a way to address diversity issues in Canadian history. Latest example I keep hearing about is Chop Suey Nation, a recent consideration of the Chinese restaurant in Canadian culture(s), by journalist Ann Hui.
Hui, who grew up in authenticity-obsessed Vancouver, begins her journey with a somewhat disparaging view of small-town “fake Chinese” food. But by the end, she comes to appreciate the essentially Chinese values that drive these restaurants—perseverance, entrepreneurialism and deep love for family. Using her own family’s story as a touchstone, she explores the importance of these restaurants in the country’s history and makes the case for why chop suey cuisine should be recognized as quintessentially Canadian.
 Image: Here, via Google Image. Search Google Images for "chop suey" and there are scores of photos -- and no two look alike!
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