Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Active History on history of jury selection

My theory is that blogs mostly evolve their mandate; it's hard to assign them one.

If I understand the origins of the website Active History, it hoped to link historians to public policy questions and provide useful historical perspectives on current events when needed.

I'd say the mandate it has evolved is a bit different than that. Not that that is a bad thing. But sometimes AH really hits the original target.  Blake Brown's essay on the history of jury selection in Canada was powerfully enlightening to me in the wake of the Gerald Stanley/Colton Boushie trial last week, and ought to be useful to future policymakers too.

I found myself troubled by another legal, or legalistic, aspect of that trial. If we are going to get, someday, to a real nation-to-nation relationship between Canada and First Nations, then there is going to be a First Nations judicial system in some form yet to be imagined, let along implemented. And then, when a Canadian man shoots a Cree man, how will the jurisdiction be determined?
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