Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Wisdom from the east (mostly)

Acadiensis (the blog one, I mean) recently offered an essay connecting the Halifax Explosion to climate change. "What, then, does the story of the Halifax Explosion tell us about our contemporary moment of climate disaster?"

Absolutely nothing, one is tempted to respond -- except maybe the author has a project underway on climate history. But in fact, author Jacob Remes, a student of disaster response, has quite a few interesting and ingenious comparisons and analogies to offer.

Meanwhile, at Borealia Jerry Bannister has advice on how to get that bogged down thesis started.  For one thing, he says, you can take Christmas off.
If you’re like 94.7% of the academic world, you will get precious little work done once the holidays are upon us. You can fight it and make yourself unproductive and miserable, or give into seasonal reality and be unproductive yet happy.
Not from the east but:  Active History offers pointed and thoughtful public policy advice from a team of historians who have analysed the perhaps hastily-drafted Bill 66, the bill to provide for expungement of criminal records for victims of LGBTQ+ harassment.

Active History recently got some enthusiastic attention from the academic newsmag University Affairs.  Blogging -- still not dead yet, I guess.
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