Monday, July 03, 2017


Early Canada Day, I had a little (pre-recorded) part in Chris Hall's Confederation documentary, broadcast on CBC Radio One's "The House." The whole thing is available here.

Late Canada Day, I chatted with Dotun Adebayo of BBC Radio 5's "Up All Night." This was really up all night: we did it live at 11 pm Toronto time, when it was 4 am July 2 in London. To the faint background of firework explosions coming in my window, we chatted about what went on in Canada during Canada Day 150, and why 150, too, a little. Through the usual digital miracles, that's available too. You go about 3 hours and 6 minutes in to find the Canadiana, which is Justin Trudeau, followed by me, followed by Mohawk artist and activist Ashley Bomberry -- who struggles heroically with much more uncomprehending questions from Dotun that I did.
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