Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Banking anniversaries: Bank of Montreal and Canadian Imperial

In Canada's 150th year, the Bank of Montreal is marking the 200th anniversary of its own founding in 1817 and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce notes the 100th 150th anniversary of the founding of its earliest components in 1867.

Both banks mostly have contemporary-oriented media campaigns and public-interest projects, in the same way that Canada150 is only peripherally about 1867. The Bank of Montreal is a bit more ambitious about its history this year, with a word-and-pictures book and a peer-reviewed academic history, both by Lawrence B. DeMussio, being published by McGill-Queen's this year. CIBC's historical production this year is a 20 page web-based publication, but CIBC has a long track record in publishing volumes on its own history, with a firm history by Victor Ross that appeared in 1920 and several further volumes having appeared up to 1995, and its corporate history website is substantial.

A completely different anniversary: Dan Francis notes the achievement of woman's suffrage in British Columbia in 1917 -- along, he notes, with prohibition. Women's suffrage has lasted, however.
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