Monday, June 12, 2017

Allan Greer at Five Books

Russ Chamberlayne recently drew my attention to Five Books, an ambitiously curated site where experts are invited to choose, ah, five books (duh) in their field and to discuss them in an interview. They have a substantial collection in their History category

Their range is global, from a (not exclusively) British perspective. In a recent Five Books on "Saints," I noted one of those chosen by Simon Yarrow was Allan Greer's Mohawk Saint, his study of the life and afterlife of Kateri Tekakwitha (d. 1680).

Other than that, however, Five Books seems unaware of Canadian history as a concept or indeed of Canadians as contributors to knowledge. No Canada, no Quebec, no fur trade or Inuit, etc, among their categories. There is, however, "Ice Hockey"  (well chosen by sports journalist Bruce Dowbiggen) and there is "Arctic" (with zero CanCon).

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