Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This week at Borealia

If you are not following Borealia, you ought to be.  It's a blog on early Canada, but it's frequently ambitious in the range of subjects it covers, and its contributors can go deep as well as various. As lately:
  • Jerry Bannister gets into Adam Gopnik's New Yorker article that compared the political evolution of the United States to Canada's, and dissects "the American gaze" behind it.
  • Elsbeth Heaman offers a tribute and reminiscence about Michael Bliss that brought tears to my eyes. It also brought back my old fury at how the U of T History Department seems to conspire every year to prevent anyone outside the department from hearing about the Creighton Lecture  (which Heaman delivered last month, I now see.).  Elsbeth, I'm sorry I missed it.  
  • And more: CHA notes, blog seminars on teaching, much Anishnaabe material....
Update, June 4.  Allan Williams:
Your comments about the Creighton lecture certainly resonated with me! I managed to get to the one by David Cannadine a few years ago, which was excellent. Since then, despite two requests to be added to a distribution list to be notified and even occasional visits to the history department website specifically looking for it, including this past spring, I have been stymied.
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