Friday, May 26, 2017

The secret archives

Dennis Molinaro of Trent University enlists the CBC's help in exposing what they call the "secret archives":  all the public papers that somehow, way beyond the thirty-year rule, never make it to Library and Archives Canada but remains locked away in unreported file cabinets.
Access-to-information officials have told Molinaro the Privy Council Office holds at least 1.6 million more pages from the era, many of which could concern Cold War counter-espionage programs. He's also learned many more intelligence-related records dating back four, five and six decades are being held by the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) and the departments of Justice and Foreign Affairs.  
The Canadian Historical Association is onside with Molinaro's access campaign.

Active History published Molinaro's case yesterday.

There's also a petition circulating on the matter, making use of recent legislation that requires the government to note and respond to any petition that acquires the requisite number of citizen signatures.  

Molinaro blogs at The Surveillance Citizen,
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