Monday, April 03, 2017

History of accountable leaders

As it looks more and more like the Conservative leadership "race" will make one of the Boaty McBoatface candidates leader of the opposition,  Andrew Coyne returns to the idea that MPs should choose leaders.
It is simply bizarre, when you think about it. Government with the consent of the governed is a bedrock principle of democracy — except when it comes to members of a parliamentary caucus, who must submit to be led, under the rules by which all of the parties now choose their leaders, by someone chosen by an entirely different group: the members of the party at large, many of whom may have only just joined the party, and may never have anything to do with it again.
But it's unthinkable, political scientists and Hill journos will chorus.... Only until we are willing to think about it.

Routine Proceedings has a great log of the twitterstorm Coyne provoked.
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