Friday, March 03, 2017

A little pushback on Canada150

Who?  These guys?

What "this" is, is federal funding for Espace Réné Lévesque, a tribute to the late separatist in his home town of Nouveau- New Carlisle, Quebec.

I have not been too concerned about the thinness of the historical content in Canada150. It's a birthday party: you have balloons and fireworks and you give out gifts; you don't devote the whole party to earnest lectures about the day the guest of honour was born.  So a sesquicentennial whose themes are diversity and youth and whatever the third one was hasn't provoked me to Coyne-esque furies.

But if you do think in 2017 that a little reflection on the events of 1867 is worth supporting, lemme just say:  My lecture, "A Living Tree? Canada's Constitution 150 Years Ago and Today," already a hit at universities across the country, is now accepting booking for the fall tour. No federal funding sought.

(Earnestness factor?  Well, some. hey, it's important to be earnest.)

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