Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Valour and the Terror

Terror's helm, photographed by Arctic Research Foundation

I was getting sceptical about Search for Franklin II, where the PR seemed to be endless but the actual research plan seemed to be meagre and cloaked in confidentiality.

But they did it.  They found HMS Terror, and with it puzzles to delight another century of Franklinologists.  (How did it get there? Why wasn't it crushed? Who?  Until when? And who will seize the credit in the end?) Chapeaux to them all, as the Tour cyclists say., and particularly to the Parks Canada people, who do this work even when it is not newsworthy.

The best place to follow this may be Russell Potter's Visions of the North blog, already on it -- and with comments by David Woodman.  The Guardian Online seems to have news exclusives -- but these days googling "Terror" on a news website doesn't lead very efficiently to the Franklin ship.
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