Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Norse site at Pointe Rosee -- on its last legs?

CBC News had a feature last night on this summer's excavations at Point Rosee, Nfld, the ones prompted by innovative satellite analysis that suggested a possible Norse site there.

The CBC team had a lot of beautiful landscape and seascape photography, and a great interview with longtime Norse archaeologist Birgitta Wallace, who was placidly sceptical about the prospects.  The whole story was dancing around what it really did not want to report: that Point Rosee is not panning out.

Fair enough. Archaeologists have to go look, and you don't always find what might have been.  But with National Geographic and Nova on it from the start, this has definitely been a case of over-promise and under-deliver so far, and all the location filming in the world can't change that.
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