Tuesday, June 21, 2016

This month at Canada's History: Beaumont Hamel and Charlie Pachter

The June-July 2016 issue of Canada's History, now on newstands analog and digital, has a split run cover.  I think lucky subscribers and buyers are the ones who get this option, a pretty terrific portrait, neither too sombre nor too upbeat, of a crowd of doomed young (look at the face just under the "to") Newfoundlanders destined for the Somme.

The other cover links to Roy McGregor's piece launching Canada's History's Canada 150 coverage, and it's fine but not like this one.

My column is not a column at all this time. It's a feature article on where art and history meet in the work of Charles Pachter. It's massively illustrated, thanks to the enthusiastic cooperation of Charlie Pachter himself, gorgeously laid out by art director James Gillespie, and with a few thoughts from me too.

"The Supremes," acrylic and pastel on canvas, 2008
As it happens, in August Pachter will open a massive exhibition of current and past work at the Great Hall of the Charterhouse in London and then at Lady Margaret Hall of Oxford University.
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