Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Here's an idea

The Canadian Studies Network, meeting at York University in Toronto in October 2017, has out a call for papers: 150 Ideas That Shaped Canadian history
The main geographical area is Canada, and the time period is the last 150 years. Proposals might deal with one of the following topics listed below but are not limited to these. We encourage papers that go beyond conventional understanding and conceptualizations of Canada.
TOPICS (Listed in alphabetical order)
Anti-radicalism; Bannock & Poutine; Beer; Body Checking & Curling Brooms; Canoeing; Citizenship; Civilization/Savagery; Class struggle; Colonization; The Common Good; Communications; Compact; Conservation/Preservation; Cultural subjugation; Creation/Re-creation; The Crown; Dead ducks; Dependency; Dominion; Equality; Exploration; Freedom; Gender; Gender equity; History, Memory, and Heritage; Humour; Honest Broker; Ideologies; Immigration; Mosaic; Middle Power; The North; Otherness; La Patrie; Nationalism & National Policy; Peace/Order/Good Government vs Life/Liberty/Pursuit of Happiness; Performance; Quiet Revolution; Responsibility & Responsible government; Risk Aversion; Solitudes and Bridges; Self-governance; Sovereignty; Staples; Survival/Survivance; Surveying/Surveillance; Symbols; Technology; Toques & Parkas; Trail; Transportation; War; Weather; The West
The weather is one of the 150 great Canadian ideas?

Update: Here's another topic.  Should there be a 150th anniversary medal?
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