Monday, June 27, 2016

Confederation at Active History

Active History, in collaboration with York University's Canada Watch publication, launches a series of essays on confederation by a group of Canadianists who find themselves teaching the subject from time to time.

Last winter, the Canada Watch editors asked me to read the essays in draft and add a commentary.  I found myself having to say I was, ah, disappointed, to the point that Canada Watch decided it did not want my commentary at all.  But Active History promises to run it on July 11, one of a couple of responses.

Around July 11 I expect to be sitting by the marge of Lake Lebarge in the light of the midnight sun -- or maybe in some other Yukon landscape.  Blogging will be slim to none for a good chunk of July. Hence the heads up.  You can follow the Canada Watch contributions at Active History from today, and form your own opinion.  

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