Friday, May 13, 2016

Regina tonight: History goes to the theatre

Tonight, at Neutral Ground Gallery Regina's Spring Festival presents a reading of Anne McDonald's new play Lullabies and Cautions, which is apparently both autobiographical and about the Charlottetown Conference, 1864
In Lullabies and Cautions, the character of ME, her family, and her history interconnect with John A. Macdonald, the Fathers of Confederation, and Mercy Coles, the daughter of the Prince Edward Island delegate during the 1864 Confederation conferences, Expo ’67, and 1974 during the Inquest into ME’s father’s death. Love, loss, and the responsibilities we have to each other on both a personal and public or political level are the themes explored in this play. Throughout there is song, music, adapted lullabies and nursery rhymes, dance and poetry with lots of chorus work making the whole a playful experience of a serious subject. We don't promise tap dancing, but there may be a little soft shoe ...
Deets here.
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