Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Doors Open Toronto - and Aristophanes

Is Doors Open a thing where you are?  It's pretty widespread in Ontario now, the weekend in which historic, or unique, or usually inaccessible buildings are open to the public to tour and explore.

It's this weekend in Toronto.  In one of my neighbourhoods, the local Business Improvement Association has partnered with the local historical society to offer walking tours of "The Junction's Revitalized Main Street":
Participate in an introduction to the history and character of West Toronto's hidden gem, the former City of West Toronto. Start at the site of the old business district, then be guided west to explore the local history of whiskey, wine, women and vaudeville. Learn more about the Junction by visiting the original locations of the homesteads of the area's founding fathers, several former town halls, Toronto's first mosque and the four theatres that once made up one of the city's first theatre districts.
Led by my friend Neil Ross, author, comedian, historian, also recently the author of Comedy Can Be Murder, which is somehow about Aristophanes and Groucho Marx at the same time.

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