Monday, February 22, 2016

Inuit oral history: Ukkusiksalik

The amount of published Inuit oral testimony on Inuit history continues to grow, and Dundurn has added Ukkusiksalik: The People's Story, by David F. Pelly, to the list.

It's not quite an Inuit oral history of the Inuit; it's more focussed on a "small" (by northern standards area of Nunavut and the handful of families who have long lived there. Ukkusiksalik is a recently established national park on the north west coast of Hudson Bay.  David Pelly, researcher, historian, journalist, and northern voyager,  has spent a long time in the Baker Lake and surrounding areas, and has researched the area's history for Parks Canada. Ukkusiksalik is largely based on the oral testimony of the people who live there.    
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